Monday, September 14, 2020 for Education and Jobs Register Online with Child Info  for Education and Jobs  Register Online with Child Info

The government of Andhra Pradesh has launched the AP Career to provide information on education, job creation and courses. The Andhra Pradesh government is focussing on providing job and employment opportunities to the youth. As a part of this, AP Career ( has been made available to inform the students about education, job creation and course details. It is being implemented in collaboration with APSCERT, UNICEF and the Asman Foundation. AP provides information on secondary level students studying from 9th to 12th class as well as future employment courses and the jobs to be obtained through them. 20 lakh students in the state will benefit from this. Details of various types of notifications, fees, exams, courses, deadlines, expenses, salaries, scholarships, etc. are available at‌.

How to Register Online

  1.  The student is required to register through their child‌info. 
  2. The password will be 123456. It must be entered.
  3. You can enter your details in 9 languages.
  4. The student must select the language of his choice and login.
  5. Fill in the profile in the dash code ... in my career ... demo.
  6. The student must enter their education, family details, including phone number.
  7. If all the details are given .. the registration will be completed.

Courses offered through - Get Details contains 672 types of courses, jobs and employment details with 550 clusters. Courses in Agriculture, Beauty, Health, Professionalism, 64 Arts, Engineering in Biological, Artificial, Energy, Marine, Solar, Rubber etc. Details such as the cost of each course, career after the course, salaries. Scholarships are available from colleges in Andhra Pradesh. (Scholarships offered by companies like Santoor, Glow and Lovely, Ramankumar Munjal, RKM Foundation are available at Students can check all of them and decide their career.

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