Monday, September 7, 2020

Free Digital Training to Teachers by TATA - Apply Here

The corona epidemic has put enormous pressure on millions of teachers. Made it mandatory to adopt digital‌ tools in teaching. In this context, the leading IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a free digital course for TCS ion teachers called 'CareerEdge-Digital Teacher'. TCS Ion Global Head Ramaswamy said the course would take 1-2 hours every day for 15 days. The course can be learned from anywhere, through any tool. Upon successful completion, internal examinations will be conducted and a ‘Digital Teachers’ Certificate will be awarded. He said it was time for teachers to turn to digital tools beyond traditional classrooms and video conferences. free-digital-training-to-teachers-by-tata-consultancy-services-tcs-apply-online

TCS Ion of Tata Consultancy Services has designed a special course for teachers. This course is called 'Career Edge-Digital Teacher'. It is known that due to the corona virus crisis, TCS is offering free courses to ion students as well as different categories. Part of that is now creating a special course for teachers. This is a free course. Anyone in the teaching field can do this course for free. Digital teaching skills can be enhanced. The course duration is 15 days only. With a focus on the digital world, you can learn different teaching methods and strategies in this course. It includes digital learning tools.

There is a situation where online classes have to be conducted due to the corona virus epidemic. This has put severe pressure on millions of teachers. Through the TCS Ion Career Edge-Digital Teacher course, teachers can learn the skills they need and manage digital teaching smoothly and effectively.

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