Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to Register/ Update Mobile Number in SBI Savings Account - Get Details

 How to Register/ Update Phone Number in SBI Account - Get Details

SBI made OTP is mandatory to withdraw money above 10000 from ATM to the account holder Registered Mobile Number. i.e Mobile numbmer should be registered to withdraw money from ATM. Debit Card Holders will get OTP to their Registered Mobile number to while drawing money from ATM. So Account Holders should verify the account whether their Mobile number registered with the SBI Savings account or not. 

There are 4 methods to check Registered Mobile Number with SBI

  1. Give a missed to call to 09223766666 or sending SMS ‘BAL' to 09223766666 from your mobile number. If you get your Account Balance, then it is registered. 
  2. Goto nearest ATM and withdraw 100 rupees from your account you will get a message from SBI regarding deduction.
  3. Do any Online Transaction you will get OTP and it will show you which number OTP send by displaying last 3 digits of your number
  4. Visit your branch
Registration of Mobile Number for First Time using ATM
  1. Go to nearest SBI ATM
  2. Swipe your Debit Card 
  3. Select Registration
  4. Enter ATM PIN
  5. Enter Mobile Number and Select Correct if you have entered correct mobile number
  6. Re Enter the Mobile number and select correct option
  7. A message will be Displayed on the screen " Thank you for Registering your Mobile Number with us" and same message will be sent to your mobile number
  8. As per SBI call centre, within three days you will receive a call from the contact centre. For the sake of safety, ask the call centre person to quote the reference number. Continue with the call only if it matches the reference number you received by you via SMS.
  9. Once this is done, you will have to verify your personal details, and then your mobile number will be registered in your bank account. You will receive an SMS from the bank confirming the same.

How to Update Registered Mobile Number Using SBI ATM

  1. Visit your nearby SBI ATM and swipe your card
  2. Select the 'Registration' option from the menu
  3. Enter your ATM PIN and select 'Update your mobile number'
  4. Enter your old mobile number and confirm it. Now, enter the new mobile number and confirm it.
  5. OTPs will be sent on both, the old and new mobile numbers.
  6. As per the SBI call centre, if you possess your old and new numbers, then you will have to send the OTP and reference numbers from both numbers to 567676 within four hours.
  7. If you do not have your old mobile number, then just send the SMS from your new mobile number. Within the next three days, you will receive a call from the contact centre. Confirm and verify the reference number before sharing any personal details with the contact centre. On successful verification of your personal details