Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to Know Plot Market Value Online and Calculate LRS Amount Here

How to Know Plot Market Value Online and Calculate LRS  Amount Here

Telangana Govt brought Land Regularisation Scheme LRS to Convert Agricultural Land into Commercial mode to construct buildings. Now LRS is a trending issue in Telangana. Every Plot owner in Telangana GHMC, Muncipal and Gram Panchayat have to go for LRS. Now it's time to calculate the LRS amount that how much they have to pay back to Telangana Govt to Regularise their Plot. Here is the LRS Calculator as per the Revised orders issued by Telangana Government on 17.09.2020

  1. Enter Plot Area in Square Yards
  2. Enter Price per Sqaure Yard when purchased
  3. Click on Submit
  4. Know the Details as 
  5. Plot Area after LRS
  6. Regularisation Charges
  7. Regularisation Charges to be paid
  8. Open Space Charges @14%
  9. LRS to be Paid

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