Thursday, April 7, 2022

T SAT Mock Test for TET Candidates - Attempt now

Attempt TET T SAT Mock Test Online Here. The TS TET candidates may check their preparation. T SAT Network is enabled the feature to attempt Online Mock Test for the sake of Telangana State Teachers Eligibility Test TS TET 2022 and Constables. T SAT Mock Test is very useful to check the candidates preparation status. T SAT Network is already streaming TET Online Coaching classes through T SAT You Tube Channel and its official T SAT App. It is tremendous response from the Government job aspirants in Telangana. Day wise Schedule also communicating through the social media to reach more candidates. 

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 General Instructions:

1. The clock has been set at the server and the countdown timer at the top right corner of your screen will display the time remaining for you to complete the exam. When the clock runs out the exam ends by default you are not required to end or submit your exam.

2. The question palette at the right of screen show one of the following statuses of each of the questions numbered.

   Red Button -      You have not answered the question

   Green Button -   You have answered the question

   Orange Button - You Mark for Preview 

The marked for review status simply acts as a reminder that you have set to look at the question again. If a question marked for preview the answer will be considered in the final evaluation.

Navigating to a question:

3. To select a question to answer, you can do one of the following

a. Click on the question number on the question palette at the right of your screen to go that numbered question directly. Note that using this option does not save your answer to the correct question.

b. Click next to save answer to current question and go to the next question sequence.

c. Click on mark for review to save answer to current question, mark it for review and go to the next question in sequence.

Answering Questions:

4. For multiple choice type question you can do one of the following

a. To select your answer , click on the option buttons

b. To change your answer, click the another desired option button

c. To save your answer, you must click on Next

d. To deselect a chosen answer click on the Clear Response Button

e. To mark a question for review click on Mark for Review. If an answer is selected for a question that is marked for review, the answer will be considered in final evaluation.

5. To change an answer to question, first select the question and then click Clear response and select desired option followed by a click on the next button

6. Questions that are saved or marked for review after answering will only be considered for evaluation.

Click Here to Attempt the Mock Test Online

Click Here for TET

Click Here for Constables

Click Here for Sub Inspector