Saturday, May 28, 2022

Get Free ABHA Health Card From Govt of India - Apply Online

 Get Free ABHA Health Card From Govt of India - Apply Online

Government of India offering Free Health Card of Value 5,00,000/- to the citizens of India. Submit Online Application for Ayushman Bharat Health Card at the official website To get the Central Government Health card, first we have to create ABHA Number

What is ABHA Number?

ABHA number is a 14 digit number that will uniquely identify you as a participant in India’s digital healthcare ecosystem. ABHA number will establish a strong and trustable identity for you that will be accepted by healthcare providers and payers across the country

ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) Address is a unique identifier (self declared username) that enables you to share and access your health records digitally. Your ABHA address may look like ‘yourname@consent manager’.For instance, xyz@abdm is a ABHA address with ABDM Consent Manager that will facilitate health data exchange for you with appropriate consent on the ABDM network

You can use your ABHA number to seamlessly sign up for a ABHA address, and ensure that the health records created for you are shared only with you. To enable health data sharing, it is recommended that you create ABDM ABHA address and link it with your ABHA number .

You can participate at your own free will and choose to create your ABHA number voluntarily. Also, at any time, you can also request for permanent deletion or temporary deactivation of your ABHA number

How to Create ABHA Number ?

  • Visit official website
  • You will see Create ABHA Number
  • Click on using Aadhaar  and click on Next
  • Click on I Agree and Captcha 
  • Click on Submit
  • Your ABHA Card will be Displayed
  • You may set Password using Aadhaar OTP
  • You can Login into your Account using your Mobile Number and Password

Click Here to Create Your ABHA Number