Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Mathematics is the important Subject and plays vital role in scoring Good Marks. Let us briefly discuss about 10th Maths Year-Unit-Lesson Plans. Preparing the 10th Maths Year plan, 10th Maths Unit Plan, 10th Maths Lesson Plan is also important for teachers to go in a proper way in teaching for obtaining good results among students. Hence it is important to learn How to Teach 10th Maths and we should what are Steps involved to teach Maths in a Step by Step process.

10th Maths Year-Unit-Lesson Plans || How to Teach 10th Maths-Step by Step Process

The Year Plan consists of Month Wise division of topics in the subject along with indicators to attained by students at the completion of the Academic Year. Hence Let us see the Steps involved in Preparation of Year Plan in Maths.
  1. Class:____
  2. Subject :_______
  3. Required  Periods: (Including Periods for Teaching Learning Process + Practices by Students + Project Works) __
  4. Indicators to be attained by Students- (Already discussed in previous post-Click Here for details)
  5. Month Wise Division of Topics in a tabular form:
    Month Unit Name Required periods Teaching Resources Activities to be conducted

  6. Teacher Responses on Implementation of Year Plan and Revision._______
  7. Head Masters Responses and Guidance in Implementation of Year Plan: ______
These are the Seven Steps every Year Plan in Maths should contain. Model Year Plan is given at the bottom of Page for Download.

10th Class Unit Plan in Mathematics Guidelines

Unit Plan also consists of the Steps mentioned in the Year Plan but it is restricted to a Particular Unit Only.
These are the following Steps of a Unit Plan:
  1. Class: ____
  2. Unit Name:_______
  3. Required Periods:________
  4. Indicators to be attained at the completion of the Unit:_____
  5. Teaching Learning Material:_______
  6. Period wise Distribution of Unit in a tabular form: 
    Period Number Topic Teaching Strategies Teaching Resources Evaluation
  7. Teaching Notes:_____
  8. Responses of Teacher: _________

How to Teach Maths and Lesson Plan for Teaching Mathematics

Teaching Learning Process should be conducted in a Planned Manner. Every period should be conducted as per the Steps required for Teaching Maths for attaining the indicators. As we know that teaching is done basing on the Lesson Plan, Let us see the Lesson Plan Model.

Steps in Lesson Plan:
  1. Lesson Name: _____Name of the Topic
  2. Period Number and Teaching Learning Process Time (as mentioned in the Unit Plan):___
  3. Topic: (The Topic going to be dealt in Teaching Learning Process)
  4. Indicators to be attained: (Already Discussed)_____
  5. Introduction of the Topic:  
    1) Greetings, Testing of Priorities, concept mapping, Previous knowledge..
    2) Announcement of Topic
    Need & Relevance of the Topic
    Teaching Learning Material..
  6. Presentation & Discussion    
    Reading..(Reading the topic by students and identifying the Key words, Difficult Words, Technical Terms and discussing them by writing on the Black Board)
    Activity for understanding the concept..Problem Solving
  7. Model Problem Solving  by Teacher..(Then by Students in Groups, and discussing the steps and methods used)
  8. Recaptulation
  9. Home Work