Tuesday, May 25, 2021

SBI New Service Charges on Cash Withdrawal Debit Card and Cheque Book Usage

 State Bank of India imposing new service charges on cash withdrawal through Debit Card and Check Payment services from July 1st, 2021. SBI Customers/ Account holders have to know this important update from the Bank. There will be some charges for the customers of ATM withdrawal, cheque book transfers or cash withdrawal from the state Bank of India. These new charges will be affecting from July 1st 2021 which is informed in its official website of SBI.

BSBD SBI basic savings bank deposit is charging the customers for their services. These charges will be applicable ATM withdrawal, transfer non financial transactions which is said  by the SBI on its website. The bank allows cash withdrawal with a limit of four transaction, seeds there will be a charge for each transaction includes the transaction at the branch as well as at the ATM withdrawal both are same. The charges from the branch will be Rs.15 each transaction either from the branch or through ATM. 

Cash Deposit at SBI ATMs

4 transaction for withdrawal including withdrawal from the bank or from the ATM there will be a charge transactions if it exceeds 4 which is its limit. For  all SBI and non SBI ATMs , the service charges will be Rs.15 and lieved GST.

Charges for Cheque Book

10 free checks basic savings Bank deposit customers in every financial year offered bi SBI. If the customer needs additional 10 checks the bank levy 40 + GST. 25 cheques cheque book cost will be 75 + GST. If the customer needs checkbook urgently then the bank will charge a cost if 50 + GST for 10 cheques. 

This rule for the senior citizens are exempted from the new service charges regarding cheque book. Basic saving bank deposit will not charged for non financial transaction in SBI or non SBI branches. These customers are free to transfer money at the branch. This account is popularly known as zero balance savings account which is aimed primarily at the poorest sections of the society. Rate of interest on zero balance account as regular savings bank account, savings with charges and fees which charged by the SBI. The SBI will provide basic rupee ATM come debit card at free of cost for zero balance savings account. 

There will be no annual maintenance charges for those zero balance account. Not charge for activating or non performing accounts. There will be no impose at the time of closing of the account.