Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Important Documents to be Linked with Aadhaar - Get Details Here

 Aadhar linking with documents became mandatory

Aadhaar became essential Identification document for Every Indian. UIDAI issuing the Aadhaar number.This Aadhaar card is used to get the benefits of the schemes offered by the government of state or central government. Aadhaar should linked with PAN according to the Income Tax Department of India and June 30, 2021 is the last date to complete the process Online. Banks also requesting their customers to link their Aahdaar with their Accounts to get complete fecilities. All types of KYCs is authenticated by Aadhaar OTP verification, So Aadhaar should be linked with Mobile

Bank account must be linked with the Aadhar card, which became mandatory to all the bank account holders. By linking bank account with Aadhar card the account holder can avail the schemes offered by the government directly into their account like pension, funds and scholarship. Many Banks have created Online links to link Aadhaar with Bank Accounts

Click here to Know How to Link Bank Account with Aadhaar

The linking of Aadhaar card with a pan card in also mandatory, says Income Tax Department of India. To Curb the black money and illegal money transactions, Government of India has taken this decision , to find tax and remove fake PAN cards who maintain black money with those PAN Cards.

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Linking of Aadhaar with voter card is also mandatory, This made mandatory because one candidate has more than 1 voter card on their name, this linking of Aadhaar with voter card will make 1 card valid all the other voter cards invalid. This will make the proper voting. Now its not mandatory to link Voter ID with Aadhaar but it should be made mandatory to avoid fake voting to fake leaders

LPG accounts also made mandatory to link Aadhaar with LPG account. By linking with Aadhar the subsidy amount will be directly credit to the bank account of the account holder.

Ration card linking with Aadhar card is also important.This will help all the people to avail Central government benefits. This ration card helps to take the goods provided by the government in any state where every scheme is under operation.

To get a new mobile number the Aadhar card submission and Biometric Authentication is also compulsory this helps to avoid the misuse of the individual identity make sure it is accurate.

The central government also made mandatory of Aadhar for some things like RC, driving licence and vehicle registration. Which helps to control all the fake licenses